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2019 was a great year for Blueprint. We added to our team of wonderful patrons with the exciting news that Will Poulter was onboard. Will is one of Britain’s most exciting young actors and in a very short time became a champion of ours. We love him!

Feedback continues to come in for Legacy. The play, set in Stratford E15, resonate with so many Londoners. It’s a piece we will revisit at some point in the future and once the issues within can no longer be ignored by the powers that be. Hero of the story, Mary Finch, sadly passed away on 03 January 2020. Click here to read our tribute to this inspirational woman.

After successful projects woven into exhibitions Living with Buildings and Can Graphic Design Save your Life, we produced a short performance about the life of Harry Houdini as part of Wellcome Collection’s programme for Smoke and Mirrors – The Psychology of Magic. This combination of story-telling and magic was delivered to packed audiences for every show by Mark Rose who was subsequently accepted into the Magic Circle. This marks the beginning of a new journey for us as we continue our research into the woman in Houdini’s life. See the Our Work panel on our home page for more on the above.

We are looking forward to making an impact on 2020. As well as continuing the Houdini work, we are holding a series of writing and acting workshops themed around Wellcome’s Medicine Man exhibition. The workshops will see participants of all ages write and perform monologues inspired by the Collection and the context of its narrative.  Check in for more news on this and other projects in March.