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On 7th July at 7pm, The Blueprint Theatre Company will present a staged reading of Legacy at Rich Mix

According to an investigation by The Independent, over 50,000 families have been shipped out of London in the past 3 years – a direct result of welfare cuts and soaring private rents. Official figures (published in April 2015) show that councils are currently moving homeless mothers and children out of their boroughs at a rate of close to 500 families each week.

Our main inspiration is Mary Finch, who, since 2010 has lived in uncertainty since plans to demolish part or all of the Carpenters Estate, where she has lived happily for the past 40 years, were proposed. Since then, she has witnessed the gradual decanting of her neighbours and has been vociferous in the campaign to repopulate the estate.

In 2013, a group of young mums facing eviction from their hostel found support in the RCG and formed the Focus E15 Campaign. They attracted people (including ourselves) from all walks of life and the movement is now bigger than ever. We are proud to have joined them and various housing groups and campaigns including Defend Council Housing, Camden and Islington Unite, Our West Hendon, Boleyn Ground Campaign, Architects for Social Housing and Sweets Way Residents in fighting against the government’s blatant attack on our London Communities.

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